Clone X: RTFKT x Takashi Murakami Collab - Own Digital Avatars, Customize with Personal Snap Lens!
Dive into NFT Avatars with Clone X! Explore Metaverse, and the NFT community. Customize with Snap Lens, connect with creators, and express your unique digital persona. Join a vibrant community and redefine the boundaries of NFTs!

Decoding CLONE X NFTs: A unique digital adventure

Unravel the captivating world of CLONE X NFTs! This 20,000-strong collection serves as the flagbearer of the RTFKT brand on the Ethereum Blockchain. Influenced by a fusion of gaming and sci-fi, CLONE X NFTs are the brainchild of the RTFKT team and acclaimed Japanese contemporary artist, Takahashi Murakami. Embodying Murakami's signature style, the collection boasts highly sought-after traits. From his iconic flower art to collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Kanye West's Graduation album cover, Murakami's remarkable portfolio adds an unparalleled touch. The CLONE X lore revolves around the creation of clones, paving the way for the impending expansion into the metaverse.

Within the vast CLONE X collection, you'll discover a captivating range of traits, encompassing eight DNA types spread across the 20,000 NFTs:

  • Humans (50%)
  • Robots (30%)
  • Angels (8.75%)
  • Demons (8.75%)
  • Reptiles (1.25%)
  • Undead (0.6%)
  • Murakamis (0.5%)
  • Aliens (approximately 0.15%)

Each CLONE X NFT is a coveted masterpiece, with rarity intensifying desirability in the digital realm.

Embrace the epicness: Tapping into the power of Clone X

Get ready to be blown away by the insane utility of Clone X! As a proud owner, you've got the full commercial rights to your PFP (Profile Picture) since the release of those mind-blowing 3D files. It's time to embrace your wild creativity and create mind-blowing experiences in your NFT empire. Even though Clone X avatars with Murakami traits have some limitations on commercial rights, the possibilities for content creation, collabs, and connecting with the community are endless. Dive right into the awesome world of Clone X, link up with tagged RTFKT Clone X collectors, and amplify the absolute uniqueness of your Clone X experience.

Ready to team up with fellow XR/AR creators and Clone X collectors?

Connect with other rad creators in the community, explore mind-boggling possibilities, and co-create mind-blowing XR experiences for your Clone X avatars. Let's push the boundaries of art and tech, and together, create a whole new vibe of digital expression. The power of collaboration awaits as you join forces with the lit Clone X community.

Unite in the Clone X community: Connect, co-create, and level up!

Immerse yourself in the thriving Clone X community! Join forces with fellow RTFKT Clone X collectors and shape the future of the metaverse. Unleash your visionary ideas, collaborate on mind-bending Snap Lens Clone X filters, and co-create awe-inspiring Clone-X items, products, and services alongside the creative NFT and XR community. Let your creativity soar as you dress and style your Clone X avatar using the Snap Lens. It's time to experience the electric synergy of unity and creativity within this digital wonderland.

Check out these mind-blowing Snap Lens creations from Clone X holders.

Get ready to dive into the epic world of Clone X avatars and experience the mind-blowing filter quality. Brace yourself for an insane visual journey as you explore the cutting-edge realm of Clone X. Step into the future of digital expression and unleash the full power of your Clone X avatar. Let's redefine what's possible in NFT artistry and embark on an unforgettable adventure together.

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